The Top Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Epoxy Floor Contractor

When you decide to upgrade your garage, you’ve decided to make a significant investment. The type and amount of storage, lighting options, and epoxy floors should warrant the same amount of attention and consideration as any kitchen or bath remodel.

You Also Invest in Professionals

Furthermore, if you make the choice to use Banner Garage or other contractors, you’re investing in professionals. This is good, particularly if you acknowledge that your DIY skills are less than expert. Overall, contractors who specialize in garage upgrades are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They have seen it all and learned how to deal with common and uncommon issues.

Thus, they know how to find the properly sized cabinets to fit your space. And, they also know what lighting works for both maintenance and display for a two-car garage that averages 500 square feet.

Epoxy Floor SMEs

Additionally, these contractors are well-versed in the application of epoxy floors. These are treatments that not only create a seal to prevent further damage but also complete the elements that comprise an upgrade.

There are many positives to epoxy floors. For example, they are easier to maintain over simple concrete. The flooring materials come in numerous patterns and colors. And, they can help make the garage a true extension of your home instead of a simple storage area.

Questions for Your Investment

Applying this type of flooring is no easy task. And while there are numerous contractors out there who handle this installation, not everyone may be up to par. In other words, someone who gives you the lowest price may also provide the lowest customer service or inferior products.

Part of the investment toward your garage upgrade isn’t in the form of money. It’s receiving the proper information. So, it’s important to ask the contractor numerous questions to determine if they are right for the job.

To get you started, here are the top four questions you should ask epoxy floor contractors.

  1. Are they insured? At a minimum, individual contractors or their firms should have a general liability insurance policy to cover both bodily injury and property damage. Also ask them about additional insurance for items like installation coverage. On top of this, obtain details about the insurance company itself. For instance, claim limits, company ratings, and how to file a claim.
  2. How much experience do they have? Again, you’re making a large investment in funds and confidence. Therefore, you want to know how experienced the contractor is as well as the business. If the contractor is a novice, then it isn’t out of the ordinary to request a SME in epoxy floors to come and assist. Should this be denied, then you need to bypass the firm.
  3. What are their reviews or ratings? The internet is a wealth of information when it comes to company reviews. Google reviews is the best place to start, but directory sites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List can also help to provide insight on a contractor’s history.  You need to read them carefully and seek out reviews that provide details on why the product or service was good or bad.

Another option is to speak to the contractor’s former clients. They can offer honest details on the company’s or individual’s performance and customer service. Similar to question two, pass on a firm if they don’t provide this option.

  1. How do they prep the existing floor prior to installation? This requires detail from the contractor. If the floor isn’t correctly prepared prior to the epoxy coating, then it won’t adhere properly and you will most likely have issues down the road.

Ensure diamond grinding is the main process used to prepare concrete. The top level sealant needs to be removed and concrete needs to be properly profiled in order for maximum adhesion and bonding of the new coating. Do not choose a contractor that only blows, sweeps, vacuums only, or utilizes acid washing in their preparations. This is is not the proper way to prepare concrete for a professionally installed epoxy floor.

Get your top questions answered about our epoxy floor contractors by contacting our Banner Garage specialists via our website form, phone, or email. We are ready to provide any information you need to start on the garage of your beautiful garage remodel.