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Slatwall Bike Storage

Slatwall offers multiple options when it comes to hanging your bike for storage. Specially designed hooks are inserted into the slatwall to hang your bikes either horizontally or vertically. You choose the hook/orientation that suits your needs the best.

Bikes can be hung in a multitude of ways. Some like to hang bikes vertically so that they are stored straight up and down. Hooks are available that store the bike straight out from the wall. These hooks rotate so that the bike then hugs the wall, instead of sticking 30 or 40-inches out into your garage.

Additionally, hooks are available to hang bikes from their frame, rather than their tires. This is a great option for bike enthusiasts since this eliminates one of their pet peeves – hanging the bike by its tires. Click the button below to take a look at all of our different options!

Steady Rack

Slotwall Bike Storage Kansas City KS
Steady Rack Bike Storage Kansas City

J Hooks

Single J Hook Kansas City

Rotating J Hooks

Rotating J Hooks garage storage Kansas City
Rotating J Hooks Olathe KS

HD Universal

HD Universal Bike Kansas City

15 Inch Brackets

Bracket Storage Olathe KS

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