Bike Storage Options

There Are Lots Of Options For Bike Storage In Your Garage

There are many ways to store bicycles in your garage. Even in the off-season, it’s a good idea to store bikes in a home of their own, off the floor and out of the way. Which system works best for you will ultimately be decided by how often you use your bikes, whose bikes they are, and your budget. Here are some options below.

Bike Stands

Bike stands are simple devices that sit on the floor. Roll your front tire between the upright brackets and your bike is secure and will not tip over.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to access for frequent use
  • Bike stands sit on your garage floor. This is fine during biking season when quick and easy access is desirable, but less so in the winter. Many people find a different location/method for off-season storage

Ceiling J Hooks

Bike stands are simple devices that sit on the floor. Roll your front tire between the upright brackets and your bike is secure and will not tip over.


  • Another affordable option
  • Bikes hang by either their front and rear or only their rear tires from the ceiling so they are out of the way
  • You can store many bikes this way
  • Lack of convenience. Bikes are difficult to remove from the J Hooks for adults and nearly impossible for kids
  • Requires tall ceilings in the garage to be utilized in the best manner.

Slatwall Options

Slatwall offers multiple options when it comes to hanging your bike for storage. Specially designed hooks are inserted into the Slatwall to hang your bikes either horizontally or vertically. You choose the hook/orientation that suits your needs the best.


  • Bikes can be hung in a multitude of ways. Some like to hang bikes vertically so that they are stored straight up and down. Hooks are available that store the bike straight out from the wall. These hooks rotate so that the bike then hugs the wall, instead of sticking 30 or 40-inches out into your garage.
  • The hooks, when no longer needed for bike storage, can be repurposed for other uses…without poking another hole in your wall.
  • As kids grow and their bikes grow with them, simply reposition the hooks to accommodate the larger bike.
  • Hooks are available to hang bikes from their frame, rather than their tires. This is a great option for bike enthusiasts since this eliminates one of their pet peeves – hanging the bike by its tires.
  • This option is not as affordable as alternative bike storage options mainly because you are paying per square foot for the Slatwall with a large bicycle hogging much of the square footage.

Steadyrack Bike Racks

Steadyrack is a wall-mounted storage solution to mount bikes on the wall and off the floor. It is easy to load your bike by rolling the front tire up and into the rack. In its stored position, your bike hugs the wall where it remains accessible but out of the way. Bikes can be hung close together and overlap when stored. This is our most popular rack for a number of reasons...


  • You don’t have to lift your bike so it is easy for kids and adults to use
  • The bike rolls into the forks hanging on the wall. When the tire is securely seated into the forks, it automatically lifts off the floor a couple of inches. Once the bike’s tire is lifted, you can swivel it left or right to get it out of the way.
  • No lifting: easy for everyone to use
  • Space saving design
  • Should be installed into the studs in the wall, therefore limiting installation locations.
  • Challenging to relocate and can leave holes in the walls if relocated.
  • These are not the most expensive option, but not the least either.

Pedal Hook​

The Pedal Hook is a horizontal storage solution – your bike hangs by one pedal and two brackets that support the front and rear tires. Bikes hang at a 25-degree angle from the wall so you can hang up to three bikes on an eight-foot-tall wall.


  • If you are “handy,” this can be an easy DIY solution, although Banner Garage can also install them for you.
  • Inexpensive
  • Bikes hand horizontally and can stack on the wall
  • You have to lift your bike off of the floor, although this is a good off-season storage solution.

Manual Hoists​

Manual bike hoists use a pulley system to take the heavy lifting out of hanging your bike from the ceiling. Ropes threaded through ceiling-mounted brackets are attached to your bike by hooks at the handlebar and saddle. Bikes can then be pulled up to the ceiling and licked into position.


  • Easy to use and not too expensive, compared to some of the other options.
  • Simple hook the bike to the hoist and manually lift the mechanism.
  • Overhead, space-saving design for in-season and off-season storage
  • Requires tall ceilings in the garage to be utilized in the best manner.

Power Lift​

Power Bike Lifts work on the same principle as Manual Lifts, but the electric hoist motor does all the work. Our Power Bike Lift can hold multiple bikes on its crossbar making it a perfect option for a biking-enthusiast family.


  • Just like Manual Hoists…but with POWER. Hook your bikes to the hoist and push a button to lift the rack up to the ceiling.
  • Super convenient and easy to use.
  • One of the most expensive options for bike storage in your garage
  • Requires tall ceilings in the garage to be utilized in the best manner.

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