Four Reasons to Make the Switch to Epoxy Floors for your Garage

You want to see the best results possible when you invest in a garage upgrade. Cabinetry should be top-notch with ample storage. The doors must be stylish, yet sturdy and secure. And the lighting has to be good enough to show off the space as well as provide ample illumination to work.

What About Floor Level?

These are the upgrades you and your guests can admire at eye level. However, if you don’t level up on your flooring, the admiration might stop. In a moment, the shiny cabinets won’t seem as top-notch if they sit on a floor caked with dirt, strewn with debris, and stained with various automotive liquids.

In fact, you may slap your head in frustration. In the end, you never thought of upgrading the floor. You’re not the only one. Though it may not seem like it, your garage floor is the workhorse of the space.

The Brunt of the Work

One way or another, your garage is used for storage. Be it a sedan that weighs 3,500 pounds or storage boxes filled with decorations, memorabilia, and general knickknacks. The spaces not filled accumulate dust, oil stains, or the waste of numerous small animals that use the areas to stay warm in the winter.

Then there’s foot traffic to and from various locations. For instance, the car, the trash cans, the tool chest, the sports rack. Things are regularly dropped, bounced, and broken on the floor. Overall, it takes a brunt of the action but continues to diligently serve you.

Give it a Coating

The best thing you can do for your garage floor is upgrade it. One way to do this is give it a coating. You can accomplish this via a DIY kit purchased at your local home improvement outlet. However, there’s every chance it would flake and crack. In addition, it wouldn’t address the cracks, pits, and/or spalling that your floor has collected over its years.

Make it Epoxy

Another way to make a more permanent upgrade that matches your new cabinets and lighting is to apply an epoxy finish. Once the floor is properly prepared with diamond grinders, the epoxy coating seals it from potential damage.

But that’s not all. Here are four reasons why an epoxy floor is the right decision for your upgraded garage.

  1. It Lasts Longer – Concrete is not an infinite solution to flooring. Like many other composite materials, it freezes and thaws with the seasons. Therefore, it also contracts in cold and expands in heat. Combine that with the amount of weight it holds and general usage, and it can crack and become uneven as time goes on.

Before an epoxy coating is applied, installers take a look at those cracks and uneven sections of the floor. They make the necessary repairs, then apply a strong epoxy. Once dry, the poly top coat seals the floor from further damage.

  1. Easier to Clean – It is not easy to clean a concrete floor. Yes, you can sweep everything off of it and dry oil stains with baking soda. However, it never seems so clean that you could eat off of it.

We wouldn’t recommend eating off of epoxy floors, but we certainly recommend them for easier cleaning. A soft bristle broom quickly removes dust and debris while a soft towel wipes away small spills. For harder stains, simply use a stiff brush and some warm water.

  1. Open up Additional Space – The average two-car, attached garage is around 530 square feet. Even if organized pre-upgrade, this is a whole room not utilized. The same is true if you upgrade cabinets and lighting but not the floor.

An epoxy floor allows you to gain that space back, although it may not be a spare bedroom that happens to have a car parked inside. Nevertheless, it can be used for storage and maintenance as well as a showplace or location to hold numerous gatherings when the weather goes sour.

  1. Make it Part of Your Home – If your garage could talk it would probably say it feels left out from the rest of the house. By upgrading to an epoxy floor, you can connect it using the same colors as flooring in nearby rooms. Or, you can do something unique to make the garage stand out.

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