Garage Storage System Costs

When planning on organizing your garage, a big factor to consider is the cost of a garage storage system. It’s time to step up to the free throw line and shoot your shot! There are many different types of storage solutions to choose from. This is your chance to pick a style that best fits you visually and financially.

Examples of storage solutions and respective cost:
Slatwall (Ballpark Cost = $6.50 /SF to $14.00 /SF)
-Overhead Garage Adjustable Ceiling (Ballpark Cost = $200)
-One 96” x 48” Overhead Rack Installed (Ballpark Cost = $349)
-2 Piece Project Center Set (Ballpark Cost = $1,000)
-9 Piece Cabinet Set (Ballpark Cost = $1,500)

There is such a variety of ways to organize a garage, it’s like picking candy in a candy shop. Keep in mind cabinets vary depending on depth, drawers vs doors, materials, etc. Other storage materials to consider are using overhead racks, shelves, hoists and lifts. These materials range in cost that can suit as big or little of storage you have planned.

Good, Better, Best

From one garage enthusiast to another, the reality is there are different levels of quality of the products. Local box stores can fall victim to providing lower quality stock and limited selection. Put an emphasis on knowing just one local store isn’t your only option.

A high-quality garage storage system solution entails combining several different choices from above and averages between $3,500 and $6,500.

Fear not! Naturally the bigger the project, the more change you’ll spend. Some of our largest projects which have included epoxy flooring, garage storage cabinets, slatwall, and racks have been upwards of $15-20k. But to soothe your sweaty palms, garage renovation is one of the more cost-effective renovations for your house. Contrast to finishing basements, remodeling bathrooms or kitchens, garage renovation is usually substantially lower than those projects, so who’s the real winner here.

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