4 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

A garage is the home within a home that stores arguably your most prized possessions. It’s the safe-haven for your vehicles and the workshop for your most creative industrial ideas. We all want to open our garage door and flaunt our gadgets and gizmos aplenty to the outside world. The dream is for your neighbors to take one peek at your garage and have so much garage envy they drop their groceries on the driveway. But what is the key to having a top-notch and eye-popping garage?


Tip #1 – What is Your Vision?

It could be the handyman workshop that fixes life’s problems or the simple hidden loft to your home. The vision is what you want your garage to look like every time the door lifts up.
– Start a plan of how many items you want in your garage, several or minimal?
– Think about what activities will be designated for your garage. Perhaps working on autos, gardening, or even watching your favorite sports team.
– Storage is also important to consider when thinking about organization. There are many ways to store items that can help organize your garage such as cabinets, shelves, slatwall, racks, containers, and boxes.

Tip #2 – Divide and Conquer

A good rule of thumb for organization is divide and conquer. Divide your garage into zones. This entails having different areas of the garage for aspects of you or your family’s lives. Examples:
– A workshop
– A section for sports equipment
– Kids toys/bikes
– Tools for gardening
– A space for a couch and TV

Tip #3 – Research to Clarify Your Goals

Find companies and or products that can help you achieve your dream garage. There are many resources to choose from. Here are some suggestions:
– Garage Cabinets by Redline
– ProSlat is another great resource for storage ides.
– Amazon’s Best Sellers for Garage Storage
– The Home Depot and Lowes’ Garage Storage Selections

Tip #4 – Don’t Procrastinate!

Getting started is likely the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You can do it.
– Set a date and start working on your project, it’s easy as 1-2-3 and simple as Do-Re-Mi.
– Some wise advice, procrastination is the main killer of garage organization projects, so get to it!

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