7.5″ Single Hook


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The 7.5″ Garage Storage Hook is your hook if you have more than one broom with holes in their handles! Or perhaps you have some lawn chairs you want to get off the floor so you can park the car? Maybe you can’t figure out how to stow those ski poles? Try our 7.5″ single hooks and never worry about where to store those challenging garage storage items again!

Our garage slatwall storage accessories feature our exclusive all-metal CamLok™. This amazing device helps keep accessories locked into the slatwall… until you decide to move them. An easy turn of the CamLok and your hook stays in position.  Nothing lands on the floor. Our Garage slatwall hooks are the best in the market for your slatwall job and garage organization project.

7.5″ Single Hook Unit of Measure
Sold as 1 piece

7.5″ Single Hook Specifications
8″H x 3″W x 4″D

7.5″ Single Hook Maximum recommended weight capacity 35 lbs. (slatwall panels installed with InstallStrips)